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My daughter, Madison, was a senior struggling with math but had lots of potential. She would score well on test when she puts her mind to it but still lacked consistency and confidence in herself.

When she started her tutoring sessions with the tutor we saw a change in Madison’s attitude. The tutor quickly gain Madison’s trust, evaluated her strengths and weak points.

At this point we were at crunch time the SATs were around the corner and we were concerned about Madison’s grade point average.

Madison’s tutor evaluated the situation and came up with a realistic game plan to help Madison reach her goals. Madison did well on her SATs, got into her school of choice, and now feels confident in her abilities.

My wife and I just wished we would’ve met the tutor sooner.

author-img - L.P.S.
Marietta, GA
As the parent of a high achiever I found myself needing a tutor, mentor, and role model. The tutor walked into our lives and revolutionized my child’s organizational skills, study habits, and helped her with her academics. My daughter was student body president, involved in theatre, and carried the rigorous international baccalaureate schedule. Her tutor had the ability to instill confidence and motive my daughter to achieve not only her academic goals but in addition helped her graduate with high honors. She also helped her increase her ACT math score. My daughter was accepted to several universities of her choice. She is excited to attend USC in Los Angeles, CA this fall where she also received a substantial scholarship. The tutor is the consummate professional and was exactly what we were looking for in a tutor and tutoring experience.

author-img - J.K.
Buckhead, GA
I was a senior in high school preparing to take the SAT for the second and hopefully last time. My initial score was a 1720 and I thought it was pretty good but I was aiming for a significantly higher score the second time around, especially to get into my dream school, the University of Georgia. That being said my dad and I thought it would be a good idea to receive some extra assistance from a tutor. During our initial meeting we set up goals that were to be accomplished for the SAT. The goal was not simply reaching a certain score but maximizing every session to achieve the highest score possible. We also established a plan for each tutoring session that focused on improving my weaknesses and maintaining my strengths. Also, my tutor was very unique in her approach towards me. It allowed for more openness in discussions and ultimately permitted me to learn more. She also was open to input from me about what we would accomplish for the day. If I felt I needed more work on essays, we would spend a little more time writing. If I thought that science should be focused on a little more during a session, she would find an extra practice test on science for me to take.

As a result, I ended up making a 1980 on my SAT. Shortly after, I was accepted into the University of Georgia starting in the Fall 2015 semester. Recently, I started my freshman year at UGA with an intended major in Computer Science. I truly believe that my work with the tutor has helped to lead to all of these accomplishments in my life. I have reached the goals I set out to reach and I believe my time with the tutor is a big reason for that due to her distinctive tutoring technique that caters to any type of individual.

author-img - Will Jenkins
UGA ‘19
Satisfied does not begin to describe our experience with the AP Calculus tutoring for our son. Communication, schedule flexibility, and the tutor’s knowledge of the material were huge foundations for such a fantastic experience. Our son was a senior in high school, and the first obstacle was to help him pass the fall semester. When we inquired about tutoring services, he was failing and nearing the end of the fall semester. As a senior projected to graduate in the spring, our son’s options were very limited, and there was a tremendous emphasis on the dyer need to pass the class. Together, with constant open communication with the tutor, we were able to overcome that first obstacle. The next obstacle was passing the second half of this course in the spring. Our son’s school teacher would not provide practice problems or review material, and would respond to emails with only one line at times. There was a huge disconnect between us, as the parents, and the school teacher. This is where the tutor played a significant role in passing the spring semester. The tutor would create practice problems for our son regularly, and review material to prepare for quizzes and tests. Although it seems like a lot, the tutor was excellent at making outside work supplemental rather than additional, as our son was taking a number of other AP courses. The tutor would openly communicate what was accomplished during each session, and what was planned for the next sessions, so that we were always in the loop. The tutor was more than flexible when it came to the scheduling. We understand that tutors will typically have more than one student, and that time is quite valuable. We are grateful that the tutor was able to meet our requests in terms of frequency and length of sessions when finals rolled around. The tutor’s knowledge of the material was unmatched, to say the least. Our son’s teacher would provide simple review sheets with answer keys. These were basically useless as the tutor found countless errors. We were glad that the tutor was able to point these out, also emphasizing to our son that he should not rely on the answer keys when studying for quizzes and tests. Instead, the tutor would provide review material and practice problems for our son to complete on a schedule to be checked by the tutor. Needless to say, we were able to overcome the obstacle of passing the spring semester as well! Our son was well on his way to graduating, and the only thing that had the possibility of really holding him back was his AP Calculus course. It really didn’t help that his teacher did not cooperate with us the majority of the time we attempted to reach out regarding our son’s progress. The progress our son made is owed to the tutor, and him passing has greatly to do with the tutor’s communication, flexibility, and knowledge of the material. We are elated that our son was able to graduate, and couldn’t have asked for a better experience and tutor.
author-img - S.S.
Acworth, GA